Unhooked: AKA Attractive Boys in Neverland


Book: Unhooked

Author: Lisa Maxwell

Published: February 2nd 2016

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Genre: Fantasy-retelling







What’s It About?

Gwendolyn and her best friend Olivia are taken in the night after by shadowy monsters and carried to another world. Neverland. But Gwen soon finds that Neverland is nothing like the stories and becomes caught between 2 beautiful boys, Pan and the Captain in a desperate race to save her friend and get back home.

Filled with lots of action, adventure and dark twists in the beloved children’s classic, this is far from the Disney musical that we all hold so dear. Prepare to become entrapped by Neverland…


What I Liked:

  • dark twists on Neverland
  • description of the dangerous fey
  • extra mini story at the beginning of each chapter, beautifully added depth and emotion to the novel
  • Rowan (aka the captain)
  • Hook (aka Rowan)
  • when he calls Gewn ‘lass’



What I Didn’t Like:

  • Olivia was kind of useless until the very end
  • even though Pan and Rowan sound amazingly attractive there was insta-love
  • everything happened so fast, I wanted more details
  • felt incomplete because some storylines were not fully explored IMO
  • I WANTED MORE!!…or a sequel to wrap things up



3.5/5 A really quick and entertaining read, but I needed more. It should have been longer with more details to fully capture the world and plot lines or there needs to be a sequel. This book is a MUST READ for fans of Once Upon A Time, especially if you like me, have a major crush on Killian Jones (Hook).



Allow me to leave you with these… *swoons*



Six of Crows: Simply Sensational

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugourl

*6 out of 6 crows would recommend*

First let me just say how amazing Leigh Bardugo is. Not only is she an incredible author who wrote one of my favourite series, the Grisha Trilogy, which had me reeling at every page and constantly shifting from hating to loving each and every character, but she is also one of the most kind, funny and amazing people EVER!

12030717_10154214061479606_459193934_nI had the pleasure of seeing her panels and meeting her in Santa Monica this past year when I attended YALLWEST and OH MY LORD she is a dream.

Here I am with her in heaven….lets take a moment of silence to fangirl….

Now she has released a new book that takes place in the Grisha universe but with a whole new cast of characters!! I managed to get my hands on a ARC by borrowing my friends copy with lots of begging and tearful pleas.

What is there to say, it was spectacular of course.


Six of Crows is the story of a group of six outcasts who come together to undertake a dangerous heist with their lives and the fate of the world in the balance. In the same breathtaking universe of the Grisha we get to explore the dark criminal underground of Ketterdam, a city of international trade that also plays host to a slew of gangs, gambling dens and any other dark desires you can think of. From this city we meet our outcasts as they must come together as a team to get the job done or die trying (if they don’t kill each other first). Filled with a colourful cast of characters, action to spare, epic battles, the thrill of an impossible heist and some laugh out loud humour Six of Crows will leave you craving for more.


ALL OF IT!!! But seriously it was a spectacular book. It’s like Oceans Eleven meets the Breakfast Club but with more action and Grisha!!

  • dark and intense setting and story
  • heist premise
  • expanded view of the Grisha universe
  • diverse characters and well developed
  • lots of action (plus Grisha awesomeness YAY!)
  • I legitimately loved every single character
  • THE WRAITH (cinnamon roll too pure for this world)
  • reference to St. Alina
  • really hilarious character interactions and one liners
  • I ship every single couple that develops

So whether you are a fan of the Grisha series or just in search of your next great read, do yourself a favour and pick up this bad boy when it comes out Sept. 29th, you won’t regret it! Also just look at how beautiful the hardcover is here !!! ❤