Top Ten Tuesday: Dream Duos

Top Ten Tuesda

Another glorious Tuesday and thanks to those babes at the Broke and the Bookish TTT is upon us. Join us on a daydream of epic proportions where we imagine our top mashups of authors who should write a book together.

BRAYDUGO (Libba Bray X Leigh Bardugo)

Untitled design

Not only do these wonderful ladies share the same initials but they are each very talented writers. I think that if they wrote a book together it could CHANGE THE WORLD! But seriously both have a wicked sense of humour and aren’t afraid to write about darker themes and characters. Bardugo and Bray are both sensational world builders in my opinion so just imagine what they could create if they were to combine their unique minds.  Also they both write diverse characters so HOORAY!

GAIMPEL (Neil Gaiman X Kenneth Oppel)

Untitled design (1)

I will read anything either of these men write, doesn’t matter who, what, where, why or how…I WILL READ IT. Gaiman is an accomplished author of both children’s and adult novels with dark twisted fantasy. Oppel writes almost exclusively for tween and teens but both authors write with such substance. Their books have such depth and meaning to them that people of any and every age enjoy their books. I feel like they would compliment each others writing style perfectly.

LEVITHEYER (David Levithan X Stephenie Meyer)

Untitled design (2)

I know crazy right? But with the 10th anniversary of Twilight, and a gender swapped version just released it got me thinking… what if David Levithan master LGBTQ+ contemporary author and Stephenie Meyer wrote a book together. Basically what I am picturing is Twilight but with all LGBTQ characters, maybe its Bella and Esther, or maybe it will be Bob and Edward…regardless I WANT IT!

CARAASCHORE (Kristin Cashore X Sara Raasch)

Untitled design (3)

If you have read either of these ladies books then you know they are chock full of butt-kicking heroines in fantastical worlds with swords and fighting and magic. I would be happy with a whole new story and world, but also I not so secretly want Meira and Katsa to be BFFs and kick butt together. Just imagine them, taking names and kicking arse. *happy place found*

ROLU (Veronica Roth X Marie Lu)

Untitled design (4)

With gritty realistic dystopian trilogies under their belts I feel now is the perfect time for these SUPER AUTHORS to unite to write a dystopian novel the world has never seen. Also, my personal request is that it be a duology or a full blown series…just not a trilogy. Whats so special about 3? Give some other numbers a chance. Roth and Lu could write a world occupied by cats and cupcakes and it would still be a thrilling book that would have me on the edge of my seat.

I can’t think of any more at this point because imagining the above mentioned collaborations is blowing my mind…the world might not be able to handle any more…

what are some of your dream duos?

ps please forget my ship names…I did the best I could do


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