the Bookstore Chronicles

So I work in a bookstore and yes as you can imagine most of the time I am in heaven.


But people are weird and sometimes customers say and do funny, silly, and down right ridiculous things! Join me as I chronicle the random things people do in bookstores.


So this is something that drives me crazy and unfortunately happens all the time. People ask me for book recommendations all the time, which is great, yay for reading. However, particularly with books for kids, tweens and teens some people get really stuck on whether it’s a ‘girl book‘ or a ‘boy book‘. This infuriates me to say the least, I firmly believe that every book is accessible and enjoyable to people of any gender you can think of and any and every age. When people are trying to pigeonhole kids at such an early age only exposing them to a specific type of book, then they are limiting them.

It’s a different story if for example a girl loves books about princesses, that is so awesome princesses are great and I can definitely help you find books with princesses in them. But when people say to me “this book isn’t ‘girly enough’ are you sure it’s for a girl?”. Well just because the cover isn’t pink doesn’t mean there isn’t a kick-ass princess story waiting to be read.

Then we have the people who are shopping for someone and know nothing about what they like to read. They tell me the age range and ask for suggestions. Why are you so affronted by my recommendation of the Lightning Thief for a girl? It is one of the most popular series and people off all ages enjoy them. Then when I recommend a book with a female protagonist for a boy the shock in their eyes, as if how could a male human being read about a female human being? How can a boy relate in any way to a girl?



A book is a book and there should be no limitation to who should read what, be free my lovelies and READ ALL THE THINGS YOUR HEARTS DESIRE

*rant over*


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